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Asosyasyon Edikasyon Polk

Inyon lokal ou a ki reprezante pwofesè, paraeducators ak ESP/Sekretè k ap travay nan Distri Lekòl Polk la.  Nou negosye kontra ou yo epi garanti dwa kontra ou yo.

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We're waiting...

The PEA Bargaining Team is ready to come back to the table, but the district is not.  

Our employees have made it clear--they want negotiations to start now and they want to know what they will be making BEFORE the start of the next school year.  Email our school board members to encourage them to MAKE the district team come back to the table!


“I received a letter of discipline based on an unfounded anonymous complaint. My union went to bat for me to get it removed."


“My administrator was not providing me coverage for lunch breaks and my time was repeatedly cut short. PEA got involved, fixed the issue, and got me back pay for the time I worked through."


“Thank you PEA for offering valuable professional development!  With the help of their review course, I was able to pass my Reading K-12 Exam and earn my endorsement.”

Your Union Updates

Resous ki pi popilè nou yo

Stay Connected


Check out our monthly updates happening in our local community.  Stay on top of bargaining, endorsements, and other important PEA updates.

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Social Media

Are you connected on our socials?  We are constantly sharing news, updates, and videos on social media.  Click the links below to follow your favorites. 

Organizing the Calendar

Join us at an upcoming event!  Check our calendar for latest meet-ups, rallies, meetings, professional development, and other educational events.  

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Photo: Officers and Staff
  • Prezidan: Stephanie Yocum

  • Vis Prezidan: Jim Palmer

  • Sekretè/Trezorye: Kat Nickell

  • Direktè Inite Sèvis: Wilfredo Tellado

  • Direktè Inite Sèvis: Kevin Moran

  • Sekretè manm: Lisa Francoeur

  • Grefye/Resepsyonis: Nieves Ramos

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