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 El estado de Florida haprocedimientos para evaluar el desempeño de todo el personal de instrucción a fin de aumentar el desempeño académico de los estudiantes al mejorar la calidad de los servicios en las escuelas públicas de Florida.


Contratos de maestros

In the table of contents of each TA, the sections with proposed changes are highlighted. Click on the article name, and the bookmark will take you directly to that section in the contract. There are executive summaries for each section where there is a proposed change. Any language with a strike-through is a proposed removal, and any language with an underline is a proposed addition.


PEA has contracted with Election Buddy to run our electronic ratification vote. Election Buddy will be the administrator for this vote to ensure electronic security through a third party vendor.


Timeline for Ratification:

*All ratification communication and official electronic ballots will be sent to District work emails.*

  • February 13- Email to Bargaining Units to advertise the proposed contract changes for review

  • February 17- Electronic Voting Starts

  • February 21 at 5pm- Electronic Voting Closes

  • February 22- Official Ratification Results Announced

  • February 28- School Board Votes to Ratify

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